cannot connect soundcard in studio and output

Hello I dont know what happen but I cant use my outputs at the same time in the vst connections on STUDIO and OUTPUT. before everything ran ok.

Let me try to make my self clear: I wanna connect out1 and out to output and studio so I can hear the samples and make music I cannot. How can I fix that?



This is not possible and not necessary. If you want to use the control room, just leave your master bus without any output channels and connect out1 and out2 to your monitor1 bus in studio connections. Cubase will route the sound from your master bus to the control room.

Hello and thanks for answering, I didnt understand what you said, but I am pretty sure you didnt get what I said also, so I will try to make myself clear again.

Usually cubase had on vst connections(f4) on Outputs a Stereo out put that I could direct to Analog1 & Analog2(in my case) but also on the tab studio, I could connect to those analog1 & analog2. Now for some reason its not possible. So when i try to import a sample I cannot hear the preview.


So I disabled control run and it goes well before, thanks my friend!

I’ve get what you said. Your problem depends on a wrong control room connection setup. If you set it up, like I have told you, it will work.