Cannot create the "Swish" sound of the open hi-hat on midi.

Hi guys,

everything is in the title. All my pad are working just fine after I set them up on Cubase 9.5 appart from the hi-hat controler :confused:

I tried every combination. I just cannot play with the hi-hat. It’s wether closed or open but I can’t make the distinctive swih sound when you lift the foot slightly.

Does anyone has ever faced this trouble ?

Btw i’m playing on an alesis nitro kit.

And what do you mean by “I set them up in Cubase 9.5”? What are you triggering? Are you recording the alesis sounds?

Try using a stick hit with the hats partially open and then use a pedal closing hit (no stick) to end the sound.

svennilenni, I set the MIDI drum up on Groove agent SE4, it triggers the sounds from a preset (in that case “Made in Detroit”) like a MIDI keyboard.

I managed to assign the sounds I want to the pads I want but I just can’t obtain that freeking swish sound that you make when you slightly lift you feet of the hi-hat pedal. It so important for the groove I don’t see myself recording a full 7 tunes EP without it.

Raino, thanks I tried but it doesn’t work.

Do you guys think it could be a problem with the SE version of groove agent ?

Oh btw I also cannot use the choke mode on the crash :confused:

Have you accidentally muted the pad the open hat is playing on?

From memory I think it has to be from one of the Acoustic kits. Shall have a look later when on the right computer.

It does indeed have to be an Acoustic Kit, Beat Agent only seems to accept open or closed hats.

A Kit such as “Brothers In Need” works fine with the HH pedal on my Roland SPD20. At a guess it should be the same for your Alesis.

The Preset you mention (“Made in Detroit”) is a Beat Agent kit so no, it won’t work with that (doesn’t on my system).


Ok cool, thanks everyone for the answers. I was able to fix the problem partialy. It was due to my drum module not featuring control changes in MIDI (hence no half-open hi-hat). Borrowed a drum to a friend :smiley: regarding the triggering of the hafl-open hi-hat, I discovered that you can move the squares representing the sounds in GA. I was then able to have a normal sounding kit.

Thanks for the tip about the kit Planarchist. I’ll have a look because I need a true half-open HH so far it plays the fully open when I lift my foot.

I’m not sure if this will help, but didn’t see this mentioned (if you did and I missed it, sorry).

Groove Agent SE above have a setting for “exclusive group.” So, if you assign Open HH and Closed HH to the Same Group, one sample will cut off the other. I’m not at the DAW, but believe the Exclusive Group settings appears on on the Sample Editor Page of GA. How that all will be mapped to your controller, I can’t address.

Ok thanks, sounds good I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

It’s actually on the Main table of GA SE4. In GA select “Edit” than, under the Main Tab, you’ll see – Mode, Poly, Excl. and Fade time (in Ms.). If you want the HHats to Cut Off each other, set them all to the same Exclusive Group, Excl. 1, for example.