Cannot delete rests in a percussion score

I tried to remove rests in this percussion score using the Edit menu option “remove rests”. I manage to remove the rests when I display each temple block on an individual single-line staff. But when I arrange everything in a 5-line staff, the rests are always present. How to solve this problem? Thank you for your reply.
Jean Pierre
Solo N°1 for temple (553.5 KB)

Hi Jean-Pierre.
This is an ongoing problem on percussion staves — they’re a kind of condensed staff before condensing was available. This problem is supposed to be solved in Dorico 4. Until then, you cannot use “remove rests”.

Hello Marc,
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Jean Pierre

… But your problems can be solved!
Solo Nø1 for temple blocks.dorico (560.4 KB)
L’astuce is to change the voice of your downstem instruments (very nicely set in your kit, congrats) to Extra-downstem voice in the bars where they make rests appear. The extra voices are not padded with rests, that’s what they’re here for.
Hope this (really) helps!
BTW, if you’re not already part of it, you’re welcome to be part of the Groupe des Utilisateurs francophones de Dorico on FB :wink:

Thank you Marc for your advice. I managed with your trick to eliminate practically all recalcitrant silences. However, I have not been able to move the triplets of bar 13 into a new descending stem voice because the eighth notes of the triplets turn into quarter notes complemented by rests. If you have another tip, I’m interested. However, there is a way to remove the silence from bar 13: cover it with a white graphics frame. But the method is not very academic. Regarding the French-speaking Users Group, I am well registered.
Jean Pierre
Solo N°1 for temple (554.8 KB)

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