Cannot delete some tracks? Anyone else seen this happen?

Has anyone else faced a situation where tracks cannot be deleted? I don’t know if its a feature? Or a maybe a known issue?

It happened after i duplicated an audio track that was created from freezing a midi track. I just couldn’t delete the tracks.

If its not a known issue or a some kind of track protection feature I’ll log it as a bug. Cheers. Dug.

Hi d4d0ug,

Thank you for your message.
Please provide me with the exact steps, to allow us reproducing and evaluating the problem.


Same here!


  1. Make a midi track
  2. Freeze the track
  3. Duplicate the freezed track
  4. Try to delete the track

Please take a look!


Hi jonthanpranoto,

What is the reason for duplicating a frozen track?



i don’t quite understand your question, that’s simply one of my way to create kick

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I have this problem right now. I have 2 tracks that I think were part of creating a duplicate ‘snap’ track. Think I may have grouped them or somehting. They are now empty and I can’t delete them.