Cannot delete some tracks? Anyone else seen this happen?

Has anyone else faced a situation where tracks cannot be deleted? I don’t know if its a feature? Or a maybe a known issue?

It happened after i duplicated an audio track that was created from freezing a midi track. I just couldn’t delete the tracks.

If its not a known issue or a some kind of track protection feature I’ll log it as a bug. Cheers. Dug.

Hi d4d0ug,

Thank you for your message.
Please provide me with the exact steps, to allow us reproducing and evaluating the problem.


Same here!


  1. Make a midi track
  2. Freeze the track
  3. Duplicate the freezed track
  4. Try to delete the track

Please take a look!


Hi jonthanpranoto,

What is the reason for duplicating a frozen track?



i don’t quite understand your question, that’s simply one of my way to create kick

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I have this problem right now. I have 2 tracks that I think were part of creating a duplicate ‘snap’ track. Think I may have grouped them or somehting. They are now empty and I can’t delete them.

I have same issue. I copied the frozen track because I wanted to edit the generated audio as a separate operation to the frozen track. Now I can’t delete it. Cubasis is great though!

Hi @hooper.simon,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with a short clip (e.g Dropbox link via PM or similar), that shows the issue.


I also have the same problem with Version 3.2.1

The freeze button is gone and the audio track can not be deleted.


Yes I can confirm that this happened to me yesterday with audio tracks. If you freeze a track then duplicate it the freeze button disappears on the copies and you cannot delete the copied tracks. I deleted the audio events and was left with 3 empty tracks. I’m a little disappointed after I have (unnecessarily) paid for an upgrade from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 as it was “rebuilt from the ground up” and there seams to be no technical support or interest from Steinberg to improve this app. What a pity!

Hi all,

Thanks for your reports.
The issue is planned to be resolved with the next update.

If you have projects that contain frozen track copies which fail to be deleted, please feel free to share them with us, to make sure the fix works as expected.

In this case, please upload your projects via Dropbox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.