Cannot download Cubase AI 10 (full)

Hello, new user, just decided to license my version of Cubase AI that came with my UR44. I live in regional Australia which has bad internet connection ans came into the city today to download Cubase AI.

Everything went well in registration for Cubase AI 10 but I noticed the download option for Cubase AI 10 was only 90mb which cannot be right it must be a stub installer. This is of no use to me because I must download the product in full onto my laptop and then transfer it onto my DAW computer at home.

It does not say it is a stub installer, I just guess it must be.

I did find another area wher apparently I can download the program but Cubase AI 10 is not listed there, only Cubase 9.5.

Does anybody know where can I get the full download version of Cubase 10 AI, thankyou

it’s ok now, the installer stub just installs a download assistant that allows you to download the hefty file (15gig) in full, you can then transfer it to whatever computer you use as a DAW.