Cannot download Dorico

I have been trying to download Dorico for two days now. I still have yet to received the supposed email with download link.

Any ideas?

You don’t need to wait for anything in order to download and install Dorico. Either download and install the Steinberg Download Assistant and use that to download and install Dorico, or you can bypass the Steinberg Downlod Assistant and download the various Dorico installers directly from

If you’re waiting on a license code, that’s a different matter. Did you buy Elements or Pro, or are you waiting for an SE code?


So what does this mean then?

“Get ready to try Dorico Pro 3.5
You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with an activation code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started.”

There was absolutely no info on what you suggested, or any indication that there was an alternative option when you go to the Store to try and purchase Dorico.

I downloaded via the Download Assistant as you mentioned, but I still can’t open Dorico without a code.

What does a guy have to do to get that email?

I have phoned the Germany office for help (its 2am in LA right now) and they will send me a code.

So yeah, one can download Dorico, but you won’t get an activation code.

Sorry, Alexander78, that you didn’t get an activation code, but in general of course you do get a code. Is it possible that you had requested a Dorico Pro trial before? The system will only issue a single activation code for a given product for an individual eLicenser account, so if you’d already had a previous trial, you wouldn’t receive a code now, but you’d also not get any information to that effect.

Thanks, Daniel.

No, I haven’t requested a trial code before (at least I don’t think so). But I managed to call you support center and they emailed one to me. However, I ended up committing to the purchase instead, so Im up and running now.


Great, welcome to the Dorico community.