Cannot download license

I haven’t had the home studio up and going for months cos of moving, so when I finally fire up today my Cubase 7 is giving me a hard time. First it wouldn’t recognise the eLicenser, then it would, then it’s asking me for a license code which I typed in and first it couldn’t retrieve a license cos it said there was something wrong with the internet (wasn’t anything wrong), and now finally this (see attached picture). It’s telling me to go to my software vendor for a valid activation code, but the place I bought it is now faaaaaar away, but more important, why, or how does this even happen. Everything is set up like before. Not very amusing. Thanks for any help.

If you´re talking about a version with an USB eLicenser - you don´t need to download any license, since it is on the USB eLicenser.
If your USB eLicenser is broken, follow the help on the Steinberg site.

I have no clue what helped it work that day now, but suddenly it did, thanks for the reply though, been having troubles logging in here lately, maybe I should just give computers a miss altogether for a while or forever hehe:)