Cannot download Wavelab LE


I bought a ZOOM H6 recorder and it included a flyer with info for downloading Wavelab LE, and a Download access code. So I went to as the flyer indicated, and tried to enter the Download access code. It is a set of five 5-character groups separated by dashes, 25 chars it total (11CA5-…). However, the site does not accept the code and keeps saying that it should be 25 characters (I enter exactly 25)! I tried to enter it with and without the dashes, with spaces instead of dashes, but nothing helped. What can be wrong? (I also got a flyer for Cubase LE with a similar code, and everything worked fine!)

Please help!

I have the same problem. Cannot try again since it replies code is already redeemed.

Same here, I can’t download the windows program, even though I disabled Ad-block,etc.

Did you try another browser?