Cannot drag and drop files from windows to Cubase

Just quick question, I noticed it in Cubase 7.0 in the middle of 2013, but it might have been in earlier versions too. When you open Cubase as an administrator in Windows - which is sometimes recommended by plugin manufactors (for instance jbridge from version 1.6) - you can’t drag and drop files from windows to Cubase.

Is this just an issue or it is blocked by windows and there’s nothing to do? I ask, because I use this jbridge in my 64 bit and wanted to update to newest version (now it’s 1.65 and Im still on 1.5 because of this drag and drop issue).

Manufactors of the plugins are in my opinion too lazy to do normally working plugins so they recommend opening DAWs as an administrator, because this is the easiest way for them to let go all the problems they see. And opening as an administrator is just pointless.

Drag and drop is not a Cubase problem but a windows issue: it’s when you run Cubase in admin mode.
Solution: in windows, you got to set the UAC ( User Account Control ) at the minimum level. this will have two effects: no more confirmation dialog box when you open Cubase and drag and drop from explorer possible again.

and this is the point - why some plugin manufacturers (in contrast of their competition) can’t make plugins which work fine without must of running DAW as an admin? There are hundreds/thousands of plugins working fine without it. Making my windows less safe it’s not a solution at all.

I’m having this exact same problem, have had to start running Cubase as admin to get IK Multimedia plugs to work… and now can’t drag & drop. Anyone who’s worried about making windows less secure by downgrading the UAC, I’m going to do that AND install Comodo firewall (although it can be a bit techy if you’re not very net-literate), as it essentially does the same as UAC.

Setting UAC to lowest level did not help in my case. Still cannot drag&drop audio nor midi files in projects.

Are you running Cubase as administrator and if yes, why??

Further to Grim’s comment, jBridge doesn’t require running as Admin any more…are there really some plugins that do, if so which ones?

No difference if running in admin or not. No drag and drop from outside Cubase. Now I use mediabay(F5) instead, which seems anyways the better option.