Cannot drag and drop samples for Acoustic Agent Kits?


I’ve a question about Groove Agent 4 Full Edition’s drag and drop feature;

When I drag and drop a sample (for ex kick) to beat agent kit, it succefsully loads the sample to the pad. But I cannot do that for acoustic kits. For example I want to use a different kit for one of accoustic agent kits, when I drag the sample to the related pad, only 2nd and 3rd boxes seem active but the 1st one is passive. And when I move it to 2nd or 3rd row nothing happens (kick sample does not change). How can I use different kick sounds (or any other) for accoustic agent kits?


Any ideas?

im new to GA4, but it looks as it is impossible, also swapping and using other kit pieces is impossible?
for example using one of the studio kit snare in the vintage kit.
in many ways GA4 is great but in other areas its limiting in customizing your own sets from the acoustic agent kits.
maybe in next updates ? (unless its possible but we can’t figure how !)

Thanks for thw answer mozizo. Yes I guess so it is impossible. Btw it is possible for beat agent (I tried), but why not for accoustic kits? Also tutorial video says that you can use any other samples from groove agent’s thousands of samples or ALSO any of your other samples for the kits but he is not mentioning that it is not possible for accoustic kits? ( here, @ after 05:00)

This feature is available in EZ2 and I was thinking it is also possible at Groove Agent (as it shows @ tutorial!). This was why I prefered Groove Agent 4. What would Steinberg support tell about this?

You can always load one acc kit in agent one, and use for example only the kick and hats, while loading up another kit in agent 2 and use that specific snare… We have 4 slots to play with in GA4, and I guess that the samples from the acoustic kits are some kind of copyright protected…

My 2 cts…

Ok that is a solution but it is not a time saver when you want to use a midi loop; you have to open 2 tracks (with 2 different agents), copy same midi loop to 2 tracks, and then you have to delete snares from one tracks and the otner notes from the other one…etc. We should be able to load insert at least groove agent 4’s kits’ samples to its own kits!

Copy rights? We are talking(me at least) about making users kits from the different GA4 acoustic drums we have now and future kits of GA4 only.
For loading to the other agent slots suggestion, its memory issue as it loads the all kit for one drum piece… Also the problems with dealing with midi as posted above my post…
Hope steinberg consider this for future updates…
All in al GA4 is great but needs les restrictions and freedom for user presets on acoustic drum kits and styles.