Cannot dub (adlib) or record lyrics on more than one track

I am importing .wav files into track 2 as instrumentals, and I’m recording vocals on track 1. However, I cannot seem to be able to record secondary lyrics (adlibs) over a single track, even with “merge” and “mix MIDI” settings on the transport panel. I try, but there is no “wave” file indicating any signal is being recorded.

Nor can I record lyrics on more than one track, when I try to record vocals on another track.
I’ve checked the VST settings in device setup, they seem fine, and I can send you printscreens of them or anything I’m looking at. (One attached) [Oh, and why the hell limit attachments to only jpg, .gif, or .png, that’s just weird)

I’m pretty sure I have the latest cubase driver for the VST, and the right latency setting. :arrow_right: I’m using the TASCAM US-122mkII audio interface, and a balanced AKG studio microphone.

So, is it a driver issue, a microphone issue, a cubase track issue, a US-122mkII issue, what the hell? Please help!
Cubase Printscreen VST.jpg


You can add another track and record another vocal. Just make sure the track you add is set to the same input bus. it looks though like you used a stereo audio track in your screenshot for the vocal. Be sure to use a mono track for that. If you have any further trouble, please let me know.