Cannot erase files from my HD in the Pool window

When I delete an audio file in the Pool, I am given the option to remove it from the Pool but I am not given the option to permanently erase the file from my hard drive. I get an error message saying "The selection is in use and cannot be moved to the trash because it is used in another Pool"

This used to be possible in older versions. Looks like a bug to me!


Isn’t for example a Library open on your system?

No, I never use libraries. If I boot up Cubase and open a project, with no other projects open, I experience this issue. I’ve never had this problem before but it seems I now have it 100% of the time.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

If I press delete on a clip among used(not trash) - I get a question to remove from project, since events/parts from it exist.
No option to delete from disk.
If I remove from project - it popups question to move to trash or remove from pool.
If I remove from pool - it just remove the file reference and not into trash, and file on disc remain.

But if I select a clip in Trash - I get the option to Remove from Pool or Erase - and it just go forward if I do Erase.
And there are options to just Empty Trash from menu as well.

So to erase from disk properly, do first to trash - as a workaround.

Isn’t the file still used in the project on other place?

Yes, in order to erase files from the hard disk, you need to move the files to the Trash, and then erase the Trash. That is the way it has always been. The problem is that I am now unable to move anything to the trash because I get an error message.

Thanks, I will try that.

So you get, as I did, a question, files in use, and to remove from project - and you say yes - and then get error message instead?
It fails to remove from project, or?

As I tested, remove from trash option - does not delete files on disk - just empties list in Pool.
You only get that option to erase from disk if you delete selected files, in trash, could be all, that happends by me.
Select files in trash and press Delete key - get question that has Erase - and you can do that.

Are many projects open - and one that is not active - if that is partly using files in your current active that you work with?