Cannot find all the plugins in Cubase 10 Pro


I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 10. I see in “Cubase eLicenser” that there are some synths are available for me (Prophet-V2, Mini V, Modular V, Jupiter 8V2, etc), but I cannot find them in Cubase itself. Also, on I see that on my eLicenser only these products are mentioned: Basic FX Suite Rev.2, Cubase Pro 10.

Probably, I misunderstand something. How to activate these synths in Cubase DAW?

Thanks in advance.


The mentioned plug-ins are from Arturia.

It might happen, they are not installed to the scanned folders. During the installation you can change the plug-in path to any folder, which is scanned by Cubase. Or in Cubase open VST Plug-in Manager and add the folder, where are the plug-ins stored.

Aldo double-chceck if the plug-ins have not been blacklisted in Cubase’s VST Plug-in Manager > Blacklist.