Cannot Fit Cubase to the Display Monitor

Is there a perimeter within Cubase to help me fit the entire page into my display monitor? I’m running Cubase on a Mac Mini, using a 32’’ TV monitor yet something is always not fitting vertically on one side or another and just barely horizontally.

Also the fonts on some of the VST modules are virtually illegible for instance on my Wavestation plug in I can barely read the sound presets

Please tell me there’s a simple solution to my display resolution :smiley:

I’ll just piggy back on what a few of you have already noted and shared…RESOLUTION solves the problem and for the most part a TV will not suffice because most TVs do not have the resolution required. I had a 32" TV that did not show everything on the screen …went out and bought a 27" AOC computer monitor and BINGO that did the trick!