Cannot get Adverb to work with Cubase 4

I still use Cubase 4 and I always made extensive use of the REVerence plug-in until I lost it last year. So I bought ADverb from Audio Damage (same plug-in, different name, apparently) but I cannot get it to be recognized by Cubase. It just doesn’t show up in the audio > plug-ins drop down box. I tried contacting Audio Damage several times but they were no help. Could anyone please advise?

ADverb has absolutely NOTHING to do with REVerence. It used to be called “Reverence” but it doesn’t have anything to do with the Steinberg reverb.

ADverb is an ALGORITHMIC plate reverb. It’s a 80’s style software simulation of a plate.

REVerence is a CONVOLUTION reverb. It uses impulse responses (recordings) of real halls, rooms and plates for a realistic sound.

I recommend you to ask for a refund because it’s not going to sound the same, or anywhere near close.

If you want to use REVerence, please just upgrade your copy of Cubase to the latest version. It will include REVerence and dozens of new plugins, including a new high quality algorithmic reverb, along with greatly improved performance and thousands of workflow enhancements and bug fixes.