Cannot get an mp4 video to import

I have mp4 videos taken on an Android phone. They will not import. I tried several online resources to try and change the format of thosee videos but no matter what converter I try I cant get them to import.

Nuendo 13.0.30
Mac OSX 12.6.2

How can I convert these videos into a format that will import in Nuendo

MP4 is a container, no real video format.
What is inside?
H264, H265?

That means nothing.
The codec used, to produce the files, is the important information.

Its H264. What do I do now to have Nuendo import that?

H264 is often fine but not always. You may have to convert the file to a format that Nuendo recognises. Use Shutter Encoder or similar to convert to ProRes or H264 (default settings). It’s free. ProRes is preferable.

I’m a big fan of ER Media Toolkit. I convert everything to ProRes.



This looks interesting; do you know if being able to convert to a ProRes proxy (ER Media Toolkit Essentials) is enough for use with Nuendo or would you advise getting the ER Media Toolkit Pro?

I would say go for the pro bundle. 55 bugs is not much and you are covered for every task. I use it daily and it is an awesome tool

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Ok thanks all I will try some of these options. Good info for anyone facing the issue. Would be nice if Nuendo could deal with modern formats and convert on import. For audio a lot of people send me .m4a files that I have to first convert

I work remote more than I’m in the office these days, and most editors will send mp4’s/m4a’s to save upload/download times. I convert ref vids to ProRes proxy’s with ER Media Toolkit before I import the AAF’s.

As said above, it’s an indispensable tool,