Cannot get any electric guitar effects to work Cubase 13 Elements

Tried all fixes I can find online and cubase user manual but simply cannot get this to work, only get dry guitar no matter what I try. I am a newby so easy instructions appreciated! I am on Windows 11 with M-TRack Duo interface. Electric guitar plugged in set to mono in, stereo out. Chose audio track and insterted vst amprack, picked distortion, activated effect. Monitor and record enable buttons make no difference. If i run guitar through same physical set up on Bias FX its woks but this is outside of cubase - just proving I have everything connected correctly. Hopeing there is a magic setting somewhere hidden away, any help gratefully received!

I don’t know your interface, but for sure it has an option of direct monitoring that you have currently active. This way, when you press the monitor button, you hear the direct monitoring, that is audio coming from guitar to the card and then to your phones or monitors. To be able to hear the effect of the inserts you must monitor, but going through Cubase. That is, you must turn off the direct monitoring option of your card. For Steinberg interfaces that is done inside Cubase self, other interfaces have a mix knob “direct monitoring-software monitoring” blend. Do search which way your card works.

Thanks for you help. The M-Track duo has Direct mono/Direct Stereo and USB output options. I think I need USB but switching to this still changes nothing. I dont see any input signal in cubase from my guitar either which seems wrong. If you have any other ideas I would be grateful.

If you don’t see any input signal, then maybe your inputs are not activated in Cubase.

Hi Knopf, many thanks, I have changed my inputs and now I see signal in and out so some progress. However the guitar soud is still dry even though I have done all I can to have the amp and effects turned on. I will try to load a screen shot.

Hi Matthew, if you insert the amp simulator as an “FX track”, you need to enable “Send” to this FX track on your audio track and specify the dB amount you want to send from the dry signal to the FX channel.
You can also insert the amplifier simulator VST directly into the audio track, then 100% of the incoming signal will be routed to the insert.

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This is how it looks when the amp simulator VST is directly inserted into your audio track. If you do it the way you tried it as an “FX Channel” and send a certain amount of the audio track to the FX channel track (as I described before), you will have to disconnect the output from that channel to your soundcard. If you don’t do that you will always also hear the dry signal in parallel to the “amped” signal.

Is it intentional that you have the amp in an own FX track? Normally these kind of plugins are inserted in the audio track. The way you set it up you are applying the amp fx in parallel. That is, you will hear direct guitar sound and processed sound in parallel and you will need to find a good blend between both.

Like Doedel said, you need to send signal from your track to the FX. But if you activate direct monitoring in your interface, you will still hearing just direct sound, without FX.

Or: just insert the amp plug-in in the audio track. That the usual way for amps (not obligatory, but usual, sometimes one wants to have a blend, with basses, for example).

Thanks Knopf and Doedel, you have solved this for me and I am very thankful! I appreciate you responding so fast and helping me out and may very well need more help in future if thats OK.