cannot get any sounds from media bay or loop browser since 6

i have done everything, worked great in 6.0.3

verified all file types is selected
repaired disk permission

all of my files are there i ALWAYS use. mostly i use Drums on demand wav files. they are in a folder called DOD, and have been for years! have always worked

ever since the upgrade i get NO sound

is there anything else i can try? i need these as these are my drums for most of my songs


cubase 6.0.5
mac pro osx 10.6.8 32 bit
16 gigs ram
4 internal HD’s
yamaha n12 - works perfectly, white light is on


if i open RMX or any other sound they work in the SAME project and template, sound is FINE out my opals

oh and get this - if i pull the WAV file FROM media BAY or Loop browser into the project

guess what

yep, works fine and has sound!

can we please fix media bay and loop browser?

You have made sure, your audition routings and preferences are correct…?

I haven’t but I will

This upgrade nuked this and eucon so far

I fixed eucon

Do you have a multi i/o interface that you have used to set up a Studio/ Control Room in VST Connections?

When I first did this it interferred with the audio output exactly as you describe. It’s late and I’m really tired and away from my DAW. I can’t remember exactly how I resolved the issue … but maybe this will get you on the right track.


i fixed it, but it sure was weird how

i had to go into VST connections, and on the studio tab i had to reset the L and R outputs to the n12

i think its studio, or control, i am not in front of my computer. its the last tab on the right.

i have never in my life been in this tab for anything, ever. i only did it as a last ditch effort at trying something.

i have never set up or used the control room.

anyway, it works now, but thats what i did to fix it

to me this seems to say that the upgrade somehow or another points media bay or loop browser out the control room outs now? or it always did and this upgrade hosed the outputs