Cannot get Cubase to transform CC7 input to CC1 automation track

Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone else had run into an issue like this, or knew if I was simply going about things the wrong way.

I recently got a Behringer X-Touch One, which has a motorised fader. It works fine for passing and receiving Volume (CC7) input via the fader, but the VST instruments I’m using rely on CC1 and CC11 (modulation and expression) quite a lot, so I’m trying to setup the Behringer to be able to control those CCs and their associated automation tracks for my instruments.

I’ve some photos to try explain my situation. Here’s my instrument (named Legato here) where I’ve added a MIDI Transformer

The MIDI Transformer is setup as per in an attempt to reroute the CC7 input to CC1
I can also see that, in the MIDI Monitor I have placed after the Transformer, the MIDI Monitor reckons it’s receiving CC1 input now
Despite this, when I spin the Behringer fader, it’s still just the Volume automation being moved, ie. the Volume automation track from the first image.

If anyone has any idea what I’m doing wrong here I’d really appreciate it, because all the information I’ve found on this seems to indicate that this ought to be the solution, I don’t understand why the MIDI Monitor is seemingly receiving CC1 but the instrument’s automation tracks seem to disagree.

Thanks in advance for any info!


Use Input Transformer instead of MIDI Insert Transformer, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. If by Input Transformer, you mean the approach described in this video, then that doesn’t work.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the transform I used after following that video (this is applying a Local Input Transform, but if I do a Global Input Transform that doesn’t work either)

You can see that the MIDI monitor is still recording CC7. The only way I can get the MIDI Monitor to display CC1 data is by using a MIDI insert Transform, but even then that doesn’t cause the Modulation automation track to move


Yes, I mean this.

Don’t forget to switch the Module on. As I can see on your screenshot, your Module is switched off.

Hi Martin,

I switched on the module, but the CC1 automation track still didn’t receive the CC1 input. Is this definitely how this stuff is supposed to work? ie. when you send a cc1 adjustment signal, I should be seeing the CC1 automation value go up and down right?


Could you add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert and attach a screenshots, please?