Cannot get device setup to recognize behringer uca222 interface

I got another desktop in place of my laptop… I installed new cubasele8 onto it and when I hooked up my behringer uca222 interface it won’t get recognized… It recognizes my zoom driver and generic low latency asio driver… Any suggestions?

Looks like you need to install the free asio4all audio driver for it to work properly with Cubase.

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It doesn’t use a driver…I use it in my dell laptop with no problem…they even tell you that it doesn’t use a driver on YouTube…it shows up on my laptop but not my desktop… Both windows10…“This device requires no special setup or drivers, just plug it
into a free USB port on a PC or Mac.”

When you used it on the laptop… was it with Cubase or some other audio editing program like Audacity?

BTW… I referred to the UCA222 OP manual on page 4 which states you do need an ASIO driver in some instances when certain audio editing software is used. That’s why I suggested ASIO4ALL.

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I use it with both a laptop and a desktop…the difference is that the laptop is windows10 home and the desktop is windows10 pro… I believe I had this same problem with the laptop when I first used the Uca222…but I don’t remember what made it start to work.

What is the answer to this? I ask because you said in your 1st post that you installed a new Cubase LE8 to the desktop. So what DAW software was on the laptop?

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The same -cubasele8- was on the laptop. I even tried to get it recognized on an empty project in the new desktop.

If you’re determined not to install another driver then generic low latency is the one that might work with it.

Got an answer from music tribe (behringer forum)they sent me a link to an older driver that works but there’s a hum in the monitors. I cannot win…lol…it seems like something keeps popping up after solving a problem… I checked the three prong power cable and reduced it to two prongs with an adapter but that didn’t work. Sounds like a ground lift thing… But I’ve heard on other forums where a driver can cause noise… This noise is a familiar hum like when you touch a bare input plug… Any ideas?

If you’ve read my other post, about getting a new desktop with two drives and how to and what kind of files to transfer to new drive-well-I’ve partially figured it out… And its pretty amazing how an old,70 years old 9th grade education can “escape” being confused as what to do…lol…most of the time I get directions or answers here or on YouTube or the internet(Google).

Faulty/loose speaker cable(s) maybe?

Just for the fun of it I’ll mention ASIO4ALL again (link to it in my previous post).

Good luck. :wink:

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After reading about problems with asio4all I have probably solved the not being able to things… You have to go into the control panel after selecting asio4all (where the buffer size is]choose or play around with the audio selection box in the upper left hand corner to get the correct connections for you…probably most persons connections are going to be different…these pics may help…the one pic is control panel the other is windows 10…
Finally I got asio4all

to reconize Behringeruca222 interface.thanks…

Not loose cable…I traced it to a ground loop in my monitors…used a 3prong to 2prong adapter and it fixed it…thanks…

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Behringer uca222

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Robert Donithan
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Behringer uca222
Post Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:01 am

I only meant to post the update;

If anyone here has had problems with the behringer uca222 interface driver(not being able to find it, I have found it here…driver.informers behringer version 2.4.80. driver.-just Google that in the search bar and a page will come up and instantly start the download
But remember they warn you that the usb port you first use for it is the one that will recognize the uca222…
Too late!! I’ve done it again…I found the exact same driver that it came with…----driver.informers behringer driver version 2.8.40---- all you have to do is Google that in you search bar and click on the aforementioned name and they instantly download it…
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