Cannot get HD files

just had a few hour session with vst connect pro
im now trying to get the HD files but i cannot

i get an error:
Recieve HD: connection lost , no reply
we are both connected and everything, and i just cannot get the files

so frustrating i have no idea what to do

Did you try as suggested and try again?

nothing works

tried to re launch Cubase and everything
also, the performer sent me the entire folder with all the files

I’m trying to use “get local files” but get a message “Local Project not found”

I’m starting to think that not only i wasted my money on a software that does not work, but i also just spent hours on a session and now the recordings are useless since I don’t have the HD files

that’s so frustrating i have no idea what to do

If you have version 5.5 pro, there is a function in Performer setup (cogwheel) “Export for Get Local HD”. Have Performer click the “Compress” button there (you have to be connected with the according project for that). This will create a zip file, have him or her send that to you. Unpack it and point “Get Local HD” to it - you don’t have to be connected. Does that work out for you?
The message “Receive file lost connection” points to a bad (shaky, unsteady) connection. “Local Project not found” means literally that, there are files missing from the Performer (Performer probably only copied audio), but said compress function should do the trick.

thank you so much for your responses my friend
I’m going to try that option today I really hope it will work because so for honestly nothing works

get HD does not work at all (we both have a good and steady connection)
the Get local files is not working as well, i was eventually able to use it and find the folder the performer sent me (not through the compress option though) - and it starts working, but it just gets slow around 20% and then just stays there
if i abort i get a message:

so I will try the compress option today and really hope it works.
thanks again

Note that message does not necessarily mean that the function did not succeed. As long as all expected HD files are available, you may just ignore it.

unfortunately it didn’t work

I don’t see any change
it just created 2 tracks with HD files but i have at least 30 tracks

so it didn’t work

no idea what to do now other than just to use the low quality files that were recorded on the day of.

You might PM me the xml file that is in said folder, then I can have a look. It does not contain any audio or sensitive informations.
Did you record multichannel? What exactly is missing, and what does the Manager show? Also, how many audio files (.wav) are in that folder? If all else fails, but files are there, you can import them; they contain a timestamp (origin) so you don’t need to align it manually.
Also note that tracks are created per channel, so if you made 30 recordings on 2 channels, those will be placed on 2 tracks. Also see cogwheel/‘Manager’.

Hi, sorry to jump in here,

Does lossless upstream by performer is equal as HD files?


If you recorded lossless, there is no need for Get HD as you have full quality already.

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Thanks so much for your help!!!