Cannot get MIDI sound

I just started using the trial version of Dorico 4 and whenever I input notes or play back the score, there is no sound. The best resource I’ve been able to find is the YouTube video “Troubleshooting Playback Issues in Dorico,” but it was made for the original version of Dorico. And even then, I replicated all of the troubleshooting tactics from that video to no avail. I plugged my headphones into the different jacks on my computer, I configured the device properties on my computer with the device setup in Dorico, and I tried messing with HALion Sonic SE. When I press play on the score, the playhead moves but there is no sound. When I open HALion Sonic SE, the piano keyboard makes no sound when I click on the keys, and the levels indicator does not go up and down. I have attached a screenshot of what HALion Sonic SE looks like when I open it.

You have to load the piano into slot 1 (With yellow frame) on the left side of the HSSE-window. Double click the name in the sound- (instrument-) list.

The screenshot (the empty list on the left) shows that you have no instruments loaded ! But don’t panic.

Go to Play mode. Then from the top menu select Play>Playback Template and from the dialog choose HSSE+HSO(pro)Apply & Close.

This should load the Dorico defaults for whatever instruments you have set up.

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It works! Thank you very much. I tried adding instruments to the list on the left in HSSE initially, but it made no difference. Clicking on the (already selected for some reason) HSSE+HSO(pro) option and hitting Apply & Close worked.