Cannot get my drums to lay out on the standard lines

Hello - new user here. Running Dorico Pro 3.5. Trying to do a simple chart for drums. MIDI parts were imported from a DAW. I have combined them all into a single Percussion instrument but I cannot get the kick to move to the “F”, the snare to move to the “C” etc …They are currently sitting on different lines. I tried Setup mode > edit Percussion Kit … and moved the instruments around on the 5-line Staff - nothing changed. I have clicked Drum Set as well but nothing I do seems to affect where the notes are on the staff. I’m sure it’s something simple but I cannot figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the Percussion Kit Editor, there are different tabs along the top for whether you’re editing the five-line staff representation, the grid representation or the single line instruments representation.

Are you definitely sure you’re editing the right one?

I guess that is the moment when someone tells you to post the .dorico file or a cut-down version of it. I understand it’s an impirt, and there might be quirks with those you wouldn’t have starting from scratch.
Anyway, just to be sure: check out your Layout options >Players >Percussions so that in the Layout you’re working on, the percussion kit is displayed as a 5-line staff and not individual lines.

Get Smart.dorico (440.9 KB)
If you can take a quick look. I have everything under the “cymb” part -that’s where I ended up putting the Percussion Kit.

You have the percussion set to Grid. You need to set it to 5-line Staff. Open Layout Options and select the layout you are working with on the right-hand side. Then, within Layout Options, go to Players—Percussion and select 5-line Staff instead of Grid.

Thanks! It basically looks right now … there’s obviously so much for to be learned. I am still not sure why I couldn’t just change that from within the editing of the kit. But thanks one and all!

In some circumstances it’s helpful to be able to represent the same music on a five line stave in one layout, but as a grid or single line instruments in another layout.
For this reason, the choice of representation has to take place in Layout Options.

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