Cannot get "Scrub" to work in Cubase 10

The directions given in the manual, “Press Play, then Press again”, do not bring up a scrub panel. I’ve noticed that when people have answered my basic questions, they seem to link to parts in the help manual that I do not see. Maybe my main problem is not knowing how to use the manual?
I’ve done a google search for this problem, but came up with nothing, yet Cubase says there is a scrub function. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Where in the manual have you find this “Press Play, then Press again”, please? Do you mean this page?

By the “Play” here, it’s not meant to be Transport Panel Play, but the Tool Play (speaker icon, the 2nd one from the right). If you click on it for the 1st time, the tool becomes selected. Once you click on it for the 2nd time, the pop-up menu appears and you can select Scrub tool instead of Play tool. Other way is to use long-click on the Play tool, instead of the 1st and 2nd click.

I also cannot get scrub to work in Cubase 10.5 Pro. I go up to the toolbar on top. Click the speaker icon. it opens up and I have the choice to “play” or “scrub”. No matter what is toggled, I still get no audio when scrubbing. Anyone have any ideas?

-If you use Control room - configure it correctly
-If you don´t use cfontrol room - switch it off
-Make sure in preferences preview is not routed to phones channel, unless you monitor through phones channel.
Info on Control room Setup can be found in the dedicated chapter in the manual, and there are plenty of threads in here also

Got it Thanks!!!