Cannot get sound

Hi friends,
I’m new to Cubase. Any help will be appreciated.
I have Cubase 9 LE.
My OS is win 10.
A new PC.

I cannot get any audio out from Cubase.
I setup the device setup to my internal audio card but get no sound. I setup the device setup to my external audio card and still get no sound.
With other softwars I have no problem to get a sound.
How can I fix this problem?

Hi and welcome,

How did you try the sound? Did you add some audio from MediaBay to the project? Or did you use another type of track? Or…?

Thanks for the replay.
To test it I import an Mp3 file to cubase.
When I play it I can see the bar running on cubase but I do not have any sound.

Connect the Interface device ports to the Cubase in and output busses as explained in the manual.


Follow this video.

I followed the video that Martin Jirsak gave but I still get no sound. Even with the internal audio card. What can I do?


Hard to guess. Could you send some screenshots? VST Connections and Devices Setup?

Please find some screenshots. They all my internal audio card. If you nead screenshots from my external audio card i will send them too. I attach more screenshots at the following replays.

Screenshots No2

Screenshots No3 final.


What is the Mixing Driver? Probably the is some Control Panel or virtual mix console and you should set it up here.

When you select the HD driver, the sound goes via the HAD cable to your monitor or TV. You should get the sound from your monitor/TV if there is a speaker.

What is HAD driver? I did not understand what I nead to do. When I play audio or video file NOT via cubase I have no problem to get a sound. Just via Cubase I do not get it.

Sorry, HD driver I can see in the screenshot.

Install ASIO4ALL and use it as your ASIO driver in Cubase.

Should I use ASIO4ALL with my external audio card as well?

What is your external Audio Device? I haven’t see it on your screenshots.

My external device is Tascam US-1X2
Cubase make it 2 separate ASIO. I do not know why.
One is US-1x2 ASIO
The other is US-1x2 mixing driver.

I try both but still cannot get sound.
Please find screenshots at this and the following replays. (total of 8 screenshots).

Screenshots 4 to 6

Screenshots 7 to 8. Final

I don’t know, what is the Mixing Driver. I would avoid it. Or do you have an idea where does it come from?

I don’t know where the mixing driver come from. Maybe from the external card driver. But what sould I do to get a sound from my external card? Is the ASIO4ALL will help or is it just work with my internal card?