Cannot get Volume when using Vox Tonelab Ex

Hi there,

Using Cubase 4 Le and Windows Vista, with Vox Tonelab Ex, issue is I cannot hear gutar sound from pc speakers but can see the volume bar rising as I play so it is receiving a signal. All volumes are turned up and other projects with seemingly similar setting play through pc speakers.

I cannot see what I am doing wrong here I have installed the Tonelab EX USB-ASIO Driver and can see it in Device Setup -> VST Audio System drop down menu.

I have setup my VST Connections numerous times using both Mono \ Stereo bses to see if it made a difference, I have set my output to be Speakers.

When I play the guitar I can see the volume bar move but hear nothing out from the speakers, if I turn on click and record I do hear the click though.

I have attached some screen shots, any ideas what the issue is here?


If you want to hear what you are recording on a audio track, while recording, you must activate the “monitor” function on the audio track you are recording on. Referencing your “Audio 01” track, it is the button to the right of the track red colored “record enable” button (has a speaker on it.)

Deactivate the “monitor” function to hear the recording during playback.

Regards. :sunglasses: