Cannot Hear Chord Track/Scale Assistant Play Small Box

I set up a Chord Track

It is my fondest Desire to be able to Click on the Chord Scale C Major Box in the graphic and hear the CMajor scale play . I read somewhere that I should be able to do that …and select any other scale and click the box and hear the scale play .

No Worky - I clicked the Box 284 times and never heard nothing .

I right clicked - I left clicked - I clicked in the Middle of the box - I tried the control+Command + shift +option key with the semicolon shortcut … still didn’t work

Doesn’t matter if I put a C chord icon in the Chord track or not

Hopefully you see a graphic in this Message

Cubase 11
Macbook Pro
J.T.S Brown Bourbon

Well, first off you have to click 285 times, so if you had just been that much more patient it would have worked, or you could have done an alt-option-cmd-ctrl-WIN-shift-NUM-3, and then after your fingers healed the scale would have played.

My apologies for the quality of that joke.

Back on topic- This definitely used to work, but I am seeing the same thing as you- chord symbols produce sound, scales don’t. I’ll ask around about that, or maybe someone will pop in with the answer.

There is another way to hear the scales in the list, btw- From the Musical Scale Setup dialog.

Open the Scales Assistant tab from the midi editor and reach down to the last item on the menu. Click on the little PLAY button to the right of the keyboard.

Thanks for the reply . That Sorta works .
However, I SWEAR this worked a couple days ago . I could Click on the box and the scale would play.

I did it a couple times and heard the scale and then figured it was cool and forgot about it
Then when I came back couple days later - it wouldn’t no more ,any at all …none.