Cannot hear output channel when recording only on playback

I can get Cubase to record an audio track, and I can hear the raw input, however the meters for the output channel do not move, and I can’t hear any of the effects etc. that I added via inserts. When I playback however, I do see it is coming via the output channel and I hear the effects of the inserts for some reason. I am using a UR44C interface. I’m thinking I’m making an obvious mistake that an experienced user would know. If necessary I might be able to figure out how to record a video of my setup.




What is the Output of the Audio track? Do you use any Insert on the Stereo Out channel?

Turn off the Direct Monitoring.

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Direct monitoring is meant when you dont want to monitor using Cubase but your audio interface instead. Thats the problem.

Thank you guys! Direct monitoring was the culprit.