Cannot hear playback under rhythmic slashes

The 2.1 blog says

bar repeats now play back automatically, …
And rhythm slash regions now hide any music in other voices as well: so you can write (say) a solo for playback purposes and not have it show up in the full score or parts.

I think this is literally correct. But I just want to make sure I am not missing something. Consider slash voice only.png
I want the piano to play this rhythm, and I don’t care how it is voiced. This was done by entering the notes into a slash voice. Visually this is perfect. But I would like to hear the piano part in the playback. I see no way to make that happen. Is that correct – slash voices can not play back at 2.1?

I experimented with several other options. See regions.png.
Measures 1, 2, and 4 sound the underlying piano notes. Unfortunately it is #3 that I need, and that one does not sound.
Also, referring to measure 2, is there some way to make the slash notes disappear when I have a repeat region. (It is hard to see, but there is a one-bar repeat on top of those slash notes.)
slash voice only.PNG

You can specify whether or not slash voices play back on the Repeats page of Play > Playback Options: by default they don’t play back. The way to achieve what you want is to play the voicing you want to hear: when the slash voice plays back it will play back the underlying real notes. It’s fine to have a whole chord at each rhythmic position: only one slash will appear when it’s displayed as a slash voice.

Perfect. Just to make it obvious to everybody, I have the original notes entered as in Notes.PNG

I change those notes to a slash voice as in Slash Voice.PNG

I set the PLAY options as in PLAY slash voice.PNG

and it all plays fine. This option applies to the entire score, of course. I suppose somebody will eventually have a case where they want to do it one way on one instrument or flow and differently on another instrument or flow, but this should take care of most cases nicely. Thanks.

P.S. for those advanced needs, I’d recommend turning on the play option and sending the whole thing to Cubase where you can manipulate the MIDI to your heart’s content. In other words, IMHO, this is a nice permanent solution and any other efforts would be more beneficial focused on making that transfer to/from Cubase as seamless as possible.
PLAY slash voice.PNG
Slash voice.PNG