Cannot import an old project

Hi all,
I wanted to ask if anyone had any problem importing old projects.
I mean, a year ago I exported a project to dropbox, and now I’m trying to import it but nothing appears, the project is empty.
Since then, I think there have been several updates.
How can I import these projects properly?
Thank you, and best regards.

Hi Hard Vatore,

can you give us information about the setup you were using back then such as Cubasis version, ipad, iOS etc compared to now? Also would you consider to the share the project with us via private message so we can give it an internal test run and see if we can reproduce the issue?


I send you the url to dropbox with the projects I can’t import in a pm.
thanks!! :smiley:

Hi Hard_Vatore,

thank you for sending in your projects and we gave them some testing. Unfortunately we are having the same issues like you describe. Except for the two that you can properly import and open, the other ones are empty. The current version of Cubasis can import any project from release version 1.0.

Other then to confirm and reproduce the issue, there is no way for us to find out what went wrong in the export back then. So if you don’t own any other backup of your files, I am sorry that say that I can not assist you any further. :unamused: