Cannot install drivers for UR816c (Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver could not be installed)

Hi, I’m a new mac user (used my UR816c on a windows laptop before). I have a brand new Mac Studio M1 running Ventura 13.3.

I’ve run through the installation guide for the TOOLS for UR-C V2.1.0.pkg (including the security settings change

I can run TOOLS for UR-C V2.1.0.pkg without problems, but after completing the installation (and I got the message that the installation succeeded), i get this message;

“Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver could not be installed.”

the standard functionality of the UR816c seems to be ok, I can use the analog in and outs in cubase, but when I open dspMixFx i get the “no device found” message

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on, and how I can solve this?

Hi @koen_renders,

welcome back to the forum.

did you take all described steps towards reduced security settings for:

[1] the USB/TB driver package and also for
[2] the TOOLS package?

Best wishes,

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Yes that was it! I erroneously thought that the tools package would be sufficient. Thanks!

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