cannot install E LICENSER, please help

I have windows 10 and I’m trying to use the 30 day trial of Cubase Elements 10 before I purchase it.

I have issues downloading and running the E-LICENSER. I’m certain I have the most updated one.

It says: error creating direictory C/Program Files (x86)/elicenser/POS\

and also: Error copying file from packed archive C:/User/Peter/Downloads/elicenserControlSetup (2).exe to C:/Program Files (x86)/eLicenser/POS/limux.dll

the support chat gives me ZERO HELP and I can’t find much online.

please help, thanks!! bored during the quarantine. cheers

Hi and welcome,

Right-click to the eLCC installer and start the installer as administrator, please.

Are the directories maybe write protected…?