Cannot Install Mp3 Package

I have Cubase AI 8 (came with Yamaha THR10X). I had no more mp3 encodings and purchased the mp3 package from the online store. I have installed it but still got the “no more encodings” message. Can you please help me.


First if all, if I’m right MP3 coder is part of any Cubase derivative since Cubase 8. So you should be able to export MP3 without the MP3 package.

Did you already activated your MP3 package in the eLCC? If not, it could be confusing for the system, you have the expired MP3 package license from the Trial.

Could you send a screenshot of your eLCC (just the right part of the window, when you select All Licenses), please?


Cubase AI 8 does not include the Mp3 Encoder however it is now included with Cubase Elements 8 (it was not previously included in Cubase Elements 6/7).

You can purchase the Mp3 Encoder here:

Or, if you’d like, you can also upgrade to Cubase Elements 8 here, be sure to choose the option, “Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI 6/7/8”:

Hopefully this information was helpful.


I am running out of Mp3 exports on my Cubase LE. I bought and installed the upgrade patch but it has made no difference. What do I do now?

I have the same issue - although I have not purchased and upgrade - I would love to.
How can I get this resolved - I am using LE and Presonus Firepod, XP machine.