Cannot install my original Cubase 5

Hello everyone, I really need help as the assistance is very slow even to answer…

I tell you my story: I always had original versions of Cubase, since its begin, when it was just a sequencer and not a multitrack too, and it was very similar to FL.

The last version i bought is Cubase 5, which was full of bugs and limits, and my old mac was a problem and limit too, so I’ve decided to buy a new iMac and upgrade my Cubase 5 to 10.

Now are the problems: I cannot install it because the new mac has no CD port, so I cannot insert it… I would liked to download it from the site, so I could install it using the file, but there is no chance in the site, so from my old mac, I copied all the cd files in a pen drive, and put it in the new mac, and… wait… WHAT!!! To install it asks me for the 10.5 version of OSX, obviously as I just bought it and updated it, I am at the 10.14, more than 10.5, but it says I need a 10.5 or above… what?!

I cannot even upgrade it, because if I buy the upgrade (300 euros!!!) there will be always this OS issue because it asks for another OS…

Any help? Assistance is so slow… I have a new Mac stucked here, what should i do? Maybe change software and with less problems and issues as in Cubase since ever, and with no help

SOLVED!!! For who had the same problem, I tell you how to fix it…

  • Copy the whole original cd to a pen drive
  • Paste it to the new Mac (don’t know if is the same on pc)
  • Right click the file “Cubase 5.mpkg” and select “show package contents”
  • Open CONTENTS and then open the file DISTRIBUTION.DIST using text edit or similars
  • check for this part (it should be at begin)

function pm_install_check()
if(!(system.version.ProductVersion >= ‘10.5.0’))
my.result.title = ‘Wrong Mac OS X Version’;
my.result.message = ‘You need at least Mac OS X 10.5.0 to install this software’;
my.result.type = ‘Fatal’;
return false;
return true;

  • then delete from -> if(!(system.version.ProductVersion >= ‘10.5.0’))

  • delete and include to -> return false;

  • after delete you will have this -> function pm_install_check()
    return true;

  • Save, close, and start your installation… Just did it and my Cubase 5 started in my new iMac with Mojave

good job
but i personally wouldnt want to run cubase 5 on that os; it was never tested to work properly on that os obviously
as it was designed for OSX Leopard released back in Early 2009!

i would like to hear how well its running on mojave tho; thats pretty impressive if it works on the os after 10 years of updates

dont forget to update