Cannot launch Dorico 4.1.10

After I’ve installed 4.1.10 I cannot launch Dorico.
Starting Dorico I get message “Launching Steinberg Activation Manager” but SAM doesn’t start and Relaunch button doesn’t work. Booting SAM manually, it says Dorico 4 is active.
What can I do?

By the way I’m on macOS 11.6.6.

Have you restarted?

Make that SAM is up-to-date.

As benwiggy says, please make sure your Steinberg Activation Manager is the latest, that means ver 1.3.

Thank you benwiggy and Ulf, I’ve installed SAM
Trying to sign in, I was warned that doing so meant to destroy all offline licenses, which is a little frightening… Is it okay?

Yes: that’s for ‘offline’ licences, which you would have to save locally in the first place.

For me, that lost me a license. Daniel got me sorted though.


Sorry for jesele.
Problem solved here. Thank you.
I hope SAM would update itself if it’s outdated, or at least it has “check for update” menu…

Typically it updates automatically if you run the Steinberg Download Assistant. That’s not much good if you download the Dorico application installer via a web browser, granted.

I think it was a bug in SAM that they have fixed now.