Cannot link dynamics

Basic question. I’m having problems linking dynamics in a piece I imported from Sibelius via MusicXML. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug. Some of my vertical dynamics were linked, others not. While I was able to fix some, most just won’t cooperate. I select like dynamics at the same rhythmic spot, choose Dynamics > Link, and … nothing happens.

Any advice? I’ve attached the score. (Extension .zip is fake to fool the forum software, just remove it.)

An example is at rehearsal mark “C”, where the bottom stave will not link with the others.
Carol of the (372 KB)

I don’t know if that helps (and would be glad to be proved wrong), I think linking and grouping only works in write mode, although they appear in the context menu in Engrave mode. Were you in write mode?

pjruderman, welcome to the forum.

I import from XML frequently. I often find that XML imports require me to delete and re-enter dynamics in order for them to function as I expect (grouping, in particular). They look ok, but they can’t link or group. Not always, but usually.

If the dynamics end up with different rhythmic durations, which is not uncommon in projects created by way of MusicXML import, then they won’t be able to be linked. You can delete the dynamics on all but e.g. the top staff, then use multi-paste to quickly paste them back to the remaining staves, and as you paste, they will automatically be linked to the source dynamics you copied.

I’m having the same problem but even moving dynamics to the same rhythmic position and changing them to the same duration doesn’t let me link them. What might be the issue? Are there some hidden XML settings that make them different?

Please cut the project down to the smallest chunk of music that reproduces the problem and upload it here so we can take a look. Without a project file, we can only speculate, and that’s unlikely to help.