Cannot load Violin Solo Combi in VST instrument

For some reason, neither in setup nor in the VST instrument section I can add Violin Solo Combi from HSO. Can anyone offer help? I restarted the computer and Dorico.

Don’t recall how I did it, but it is possible. (I do recall it took several tries; I think the search engine in HALion is just difficult to use.)

You should find that if you create a solo player and assign a violin instrument in Setup mode, that’s what gets loaded automatically. If that’s not the case, check what playback template is chosen in Play > Playback Template, and make sure that HSSE+HSO (Pro) is chosen if it’s not set by default.

Thanks, Daniel.

HSSE+HSO (Pro) is the default. This is what I did.

  • I imported an xml generated from Cubase 10.5
  • Assigned instruments to each staff in Setup up mode.

I noticed there is no sound when I playback! I when in Play mode added VSTi. But I realized only The Cello Solo Combi can be selected.

I am going to try HSSE to see what happened.

I would like to know what steps should I take to convert an .xml file to .Dorico. I will ask this in another post.

Where is on my disk ( macOS Mojave) HSO is looking for .vstsounds? Maybe they are moved or something!

You are using Halion and not HSO. I just confirm here that I could load the desired VST via HSSE.

Dorico does indeed definitely always use HSSE, and never the older plug-in specifically for HALion Symphonic Orchestra. I suggest you try clicking the Reset Audio Engine Data button on the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences and then restart Dorico. It sounds to me like the MediaBay database is corrupted, and hopefully this will be sufficient to fix it up.

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In fact, resetting it not only fixed that but also the other issue I had with saving HSO presets in Mediabay database. Now it shows all my presets!

Thanks, Daniel.