“Cannot locate impulse response file: LA Studio.wav” - once again

After moving to a new System drive and re-installing Dorico Pro 3.5.12, I just now downloaded the Dorico sounds installer via Steinberg Download Assistant and ran it.

When I opened the “Dorico Prelude” sample score, I got the message “Cannot located Impulse Response File: LA Studio.wav”.

Again, I just downloaded this a few minutes ago. And I ran the installer three times.

Would someone from Steinberg please send a link to the file - from the similar threads here, it seems that’s the only option.

Now that I think of it, I’ve probably gotten that message a lot on my old system drive; I just ignored it.

Also, please make the text in the error message box selectable so we can copy and paste when reporting issues. (It’s possible in other apps, like MOTU Digital Performer.)


The REVerence impulse responses are in the Dorico installer itself, not in the sounds installer. Please download and run the Dorico application installer, and that should take care of the problem.

I ran the installer again, this time via Download Assistant, and now I’m not getting the error.

Yesterday I used the (full-version) installer from the web site. Maybe there’s something wrong with that?

Where exactly is that file stored in macOS?

I think it’s pretty unlikely that there’s a problem with the Dorico full application installer since it has been installed without incident on tens of thousands of computers, but of course it’s not impossible that there’s a problem that occurs in very specific and unusual circumstances.

However, it seems more likely to me that the process you’ve been through to move things from your old computer to your new one is in some way responsible for the problem you were experiencing, rather than there being a problem with the installer.

I can’t actually put my finger on that file’s precise location, but I’ll talk to one of my colleagues in our testing department tomorrow to find out whether he knows where the impulse responses get squirreled away.

Could it be this?


Yes, very likely. All of the content for the various VST plug-ins that are installed along with Dorico is indeed packaged up into .vstsound files.

@bobk, as you can see from Jesper’s screenshot, the content is in the /Library folder in the root of your Mac’s boot volume, not the Library folder inside your user account.

Given that “LA Studio.wav” is in a package, it would be more helpful to the user if the error message mentioned the name of the package instead of a file invisible to the user.

I was confused because doing a Spotlight search for “Reverence” didn’t find the file. Then I learned that Spotlight doesn’t include System files by default.

Eventually I figured out that you can search for System files by using the Finder search window, clicking the “+” sign to add search criteria, selecting “Other” from the pop-up menu, and then ticking the “In Menu” box for “System Files” in the attributes window that pops up (which contains many additional options).


That’s what I did.


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This is annoying.
“Cannot locate imulse response file: LA Studio.wav”
Dorico 3.5.
Installed and uninstalled and installed the Dorico application installer a few times. No change.
“Cannot locate imulse response file: LA Studio.wav”
This is annoying.

I could live without the reverb at the moment, but each time I switch projects Dorico freezes until I take care of it and hit cancel.

So annoying.

Please put the LA Studio.wav file to download openly somewhere. That would be at least a quick fix.

Welcome to the forum, Bruno.
I don’t know what went wrong during your installation, normally the REVerence contents files shall get automatically installed.
I’ve sent you a private message via this forum, please check.

Dear All , I have the same problem :dotted_line_face:
did any person know how to fix it ?
Thank you very much~ :pray:

Welcome to the forum, @Kloudhsu.

I can send you a zip file with the missing files but first let’s confirm something, please.
Have a look under
Win: C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound
Mac: /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Contents/VST Sound
Are there no files of type FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_0*.vstsound ?
If there are, then you need to change the file access permissions of them so that anyone has read access.
If they are really not there, then I will send you a download link to those files.