Cannot Lock MIDI Events


In my project, I cannot lock my MIDI events anymore
. I am in safe mode and tried all the events. Only audio tracks gets locked with padlock on them.

Another observation: When I click on lock (track) on MIDI tracks, nothing happens, but I can lock audio tracks at the same time.

Any ideas please?



First of all, I can see, you are using Safe Start Mode as your default way how to run Cubase. I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

The Lock in the menu looks the MIDI events, not the tracks.


I did Safe Start Mode, to make sure the error is not caused by my preferences.

I know that the menu locks the events. It simply does not work. I cannot either lock the events nor the tracks.


I tried on my side and it works to me.

It used to work for me. All of a sudden stopped working. I just created a new project and it works in the new project.

Is my project corrupted or some setting is prohibiting my MIDI events to lock?

I’m sorry, hard to say.