Cannot log in- get asked "Choose your VST Transit User Name"

Just trying to log into VST transit.

If I use my MySteinberg registered email and password I get “Unknown username or password. Check your name and password, or register first”.

If I use my MySteinberg username and (the same) password, I get a second screen that says “New to VST Transit” at the top, a box that says “Choose your VST Transit User Name”, and there’s a box at the bottom that says “Server format error”.

The username/email and password are correct so I don’t know why logging in with the email address fails.

Cubase 8.5 is correctly registered in the account so it’s not that. I know the email/password combination is correct.

I’m guessing I’m missing something, but not sure what …

System is Cubase 8.5 64 bit running on Windows 8.1 with an i7 and 32Gb RAM.


try with the username instead, the same you have in this forum.
I found that on some page and it worked for me!

Just tried that, got “Invalid username and password” again unfortunately


you said

Ignore the error messgage, choose (invent) a new user name here, one without special chars etc and which is easily recognizable for other users.

That was my first plan but didn’t work - I tried various names that consisted of just letters. When I click the “Complete registration” button it turns a lighter colour for about a second then nothing happens. I’m left on the same screen with the new username still in the text box


That’s strange indeed. We’ll have a look.