Cannot log into MySteinberg

Forgot my password as it was auto saved and so I hit reset password but it never sends me the email to reset it.

I’ve checked the spam folder and its no where.

Any idea?

there is a dozen of us (including myself) asking steinberg to sort this issue.
just search “mysteinberg”. one option is that you create new account and then ask them - ie support to transfer your licences to new account.

i’ve lost my mind already here but lucily i can work as i have elicencer usb key for c5.5, wl 7, arturia,…
and with Cubase PRO 8.5 upgrade sitting on my mbp. i believe will not be able register it as i can not access mysteinberg site so i do not dare to install it not add stuff the this mess.

my elicencer does the regular maintenance task - so it connects to the server but i can not via web page.

and also i just can not find a way where this form or contact mail is listed on mysteinberg.
if you find a solutions please share it.
good luck

I couldn’t be bothered going through all the non-sence so I just started anew. Including my name and e-mail address. Instead of Jack it became badjohn, big deal. At my age 77 who cares.

good luck!
btw. did you find application form, ie a way where to fill in and send support team request to transfer licences to new account?