Cannot lower copyright text

My copyright text is half hidden behind the bottom staff and I cannot select it or move it in any way.

Hi rgrande, the copyright text gets displayed within a text frame at the bottom of the First master page. If the music in the music frame above the copyright text frame is intruding into it, you’ve got a few options:

  • Move the bottom of the music frame up a bit - ideally do this by editing the master page and shortening the frame there, but you can also do it on a single page directly, which creates a master page override.
  • Increase the bottom music frame margin, which pushes the bottom staff upwards - if you do this in Layout Options, it applies to all music frames in the layout; or you can do this for a single frame - again either on an individual page or by editing the master page.
  • Reduce the font size of the copyright paragraph style; if the copyright is on 2+ lines, edit it to be on a single line if possible to reduce its height
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Hi, Nothing has worked. All of my scores look like this

I also had this problem, had to reduce the text size for copyright.


rgrande, If you’ve tried editing the master pages, make sure that you don’t have page overrides - in Engrave mode, they’re indicated by red triangles in the panel on the right. Remove overrides so pages use the current master page formatting. If that still doesn’t work, you can upload your project so someone can have a look, make some tweaks and send it back to you to demonstrate some of these ideas.

Edit: of course, actually after seeing your new screenshot, it appears the problem is that the copyright’s text frame isn’t tall enough. Try editing the master page so that the green text frame at the bottom is a bit taller. You could also change the vertical alignment of text in the frame to “Bottom” (so its positioned as low in the frame as possible).

(If you change the playback template to “Silence” before uploading, the file size will be much smaller.)

As jesele wrote, try reducing the text size for copyright, in the masterpage editor. And while you’re there, make sure you haven’t pressed “enter” after the {@projectcopyright@} token — it would take two lines instead of one, even if the second one is empty.

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Hi, Thanks for getting back so quickly. I have tried everything, but that does not mean that I managed to correctly try everything. Here is the project, I hope I have changed the playback template.Ear Felt.dorico (398.1 KB)

Hi. Just looked at your file. There is an override to remove (in the top right panel in engrave mode, first page).
Then, in the masterpages, make sure you click the button copy L->R, because your first page is a right page and there’s no point in making your left page perfect if the right one (the one Dorico will use here) is not… Hope it helps!
[Edit] There’s an update to 3.5, which is free. You should get it !

Hi Marc,

I will take a look at all of that (I am slow). I have Dorico 3.5, I do not see an update for that, only for 3.1.10


Thank you,
Should I install the Sounds Installer as well, or only the update?

Only the update me thinks. Could be wrong though.