Cannot manually enter numerical values for sends?

In all previous versions of Cubase, I have always liked double clicking on the listed value in the sends to manually type in my own. This is no longer possible in Cubase 7. Clicking on the send, only brings up the plugin in question and I am finding no way to manually type in a value of my choosing. The whole sliding bar thing is a hassle, as it skips some fine tuning values (0.x) and if I want to go from say 0 to -50, my mouse actually hits the side of my screen before the desired value is hit and I have to move my mouse back to continue the ‘scroll’

I really hope this was just an oversight and not a set in stone way of dealing with sends. Can we please have back the ability to manually enter numerical values for sends?

Chose and click “Enter”

ah, thank you very much for this info! I will certainly give this a try. Not exactly what I like, but at least it is a workaround!

I appreciate your reply.

ok it works, thanks. You must use the main enter button, not the one on the number pad.

Hopefully this helps someone else who may have thought, as I did, that this function was gone since it no longer works by mouse clicking.

Let the mixer grow on you…it certainly has on me…a lot of new keycommands and sophisticated new functions.
Got some positive surprises when reading the manual. The plugin search and the signalpath in channeledit view have already saved me hours. I think the whole mixer can easily be operated without a mouse. I suspect Duende is the culprit and real reason for this mixer.
This must be the world’s most advanced mixer ever. Now the only thing missing is real VCA groups.

Yep, me!

Me too! Thanks!

What do you mean by this exactly?

Oh, and +1 for VCA groups.

I ment the Nuage system from Yamaha, not the Duende…sorry:
You need the screen mixer to be scalable to fit the hardware strips perfectly.
The color gradients also look very similar HW/SW.