cannot move event correctly, CTRL wrong-bug?

First time using audio part editor after upgrading to a new Windows 7 computer and Cubase 6 (6.5) (previously using Cubase 5 on an XP machine)…

Page 296 of the manual confirms that CTRL DRAG is still the procedure for moving an event to another lane:
“To move an event to another lane without accidentally moving it horizontally, press [Ctrl]/[Command] and drag it up or down.”

I am experiencing what appears to be a bug. In both the Audio Part Editor, and in the Project Window using lanes, pressing the CTRL key causes the Play tool to be enabled. No dragging possible. I can drag to another lane without CTRL, but then I am of course not assured of maintaining the horizontal location.

I scanned the list of key commands to see if this could be originating from some mis-setting there, but found nothing that looked to be the cause.


What happens if you CLICK (and hold) first, then press the CTRL key?

Okay, I have now discovered that if I click and hold on the event AND THEN press CTRL, I can drag the event to another lane maintaining horizontal location.

This required sequence is not the way it worked in Cubase 5.

I still believe there is a bug. The key command for the Play tool is [9]. It should not be triggered by CTRL. Although I haven’t tested yet, I have to assume that all key commands using CTRL are compromised.

Thanks, Alexis–I was actually writing my last post while you were replying.

What I find with further investigation is that pressing CTRL in either the Audio Parts Editor, or in the Project Window within the lanes when Show Lanes is enabled on the track, will display the Play icon as the mouse pointer. Attempting to click and drag at that point will engage the play function, and dragging is not possible.

Contrarily, other CTRL key command functions will work correctly under the same circumstances, even while displaying the Play function–for example, moving the cursor or nudging an event.