Cannot open .bak (Backup) file

So, I was working on a VST drum score for the last hour, when C10 froze up on me. I did an End Task to kill it, re-opened and went to open my project again, know it would ask me if I wanted to open a backup and save a majority my work. I told it “Yes”, open the back up, it said it was creating a new version of my project, then I got this message…

Anyone know how to recover from this, or why it’s thinking my project was created in version 1.x of Cubase…?
Cubase 1.jpg

If the file size of that .bak file is smaller than the previous backups, the file was not actually saved yet when you force-quit Cubase using the task manager.

That error message has the wrong text in it for whatever reason (I wouldn’t know), but it means that Cubase cannot read the file at all.