Cannot open cpr files - Cubase Elements - version 11.0.40

Hello , I have problems in opening some of my cpr files in Cubase Elements 11.0.40. The error i get is shown below…When I click to open the cpr file I see only track pictures file…It is strange because it happens to some of the files, not to all cpr files. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Those are folders, not files in your image. The project file must have been saved elsewhere,

You can use search in File Explorer to find where the file is stored.

Search for for .cpr or if you’re sure you know the name you used to save the file search for that.

Hello, maybe I did not make it correctly. The cpr file is in the directory, i find the file and when i click to open the file the next page i see is the empty track pictures file…I cannot understand what is going on…Thank you very much for your reply, much appreciated!!!