Cannot open Wave device for recording

Version 8.0.4 (build 701) - 64 bit
I have seen some messages here on this but no resolution. Have never seen this message before today in many sessions with Wave Lab.
Have gone through Soundblaster and Windows audio settings to no avail. Many reboots.
One suspect is Audials Tunebite. I installed a new version of this yesterday and in the past I have noticed some unusual entries in the Windows audio device setup related to Audials. I uninstalled Audials but the problem with Wave Lab persists.
Playback from Wave Lab is normal but as soon as I hit RECORD i get the error "Cannot open Wave device for recording. Are you sure your audio device supports the currently specified sample rate and/or bit resolution?
Check also if the input of the audio device is in slave or auto-sync mode."

Windows 10 Pro/64 SoundBlaster Recon 3DPCIe

Has anyone encountered and overcome this disabling effect?

I haven’t encountered it but I’ve seen many posts in the past, so I have a few things you could try:

  1. If it wasn’t happening a few days ago, you could do a System Restore from a restore point before that.

  2. Get the latest driver from Creative for Windows 10 if you haven’t already.

  3. File support tickets with Steinberg and Creative.

  4. Get ASIO4ALL. Select the Creative device in ASIO4ALL, and select ASIO4ALL in the Wavelab audio device preferences. If it works, it would at least be a workaround, or maybe even a decent long term option.