Cannot pan anything in project suddenly?

OK,so working away in this project. Simple project with two mono acoustic guitars, both of which I had panned (they are panned in an earlier version of the project so I’m not going mad). the two instrument tracks, a VST violin and piano.

everything was panned earlier and I just blasted out another rough mix with slightly different volume assuming setting would be the same - but I can’t pan ANYTHING in the track now. I’ve turned off all sends, inserts and none of the tracks, (audio and instrument tracks) will pan…this is very annoying. When i pan a guitar track now, I get a slight amplitude fluctuation when it centres and moves off again, perhaps this may help a diagnosis from the experts. I’m relatively new to all this so I feel a newbie error coming on.

But I haven’t switched settings or anything…at least not intentionally :slight_smile:

I’m using Cubase 6, MOTU Audio express and Windows 7. Stuff is still panning properly in the my projects.

…any suggestions? …is there some global MONO setting I may have hit by accident or something???