Cannot play MIDI tracks once they've been rendered


I want to alter some levels on my original MIDI tracks in a project.

However, I have already rendered these tracks to audio. Now, when I return to that first save of the project, (with both the MIDI original recordings and the rendered audio tracks present), I cannot listen/hear my MIDI tracks in playback.

Due to this I cannot correctly asses any alterations I’d like to make to the original levels (of my MIDI plugin software) or add any additional MIDI data to the original MIDI track (such as extending the idea by a few bars of music etc.).

It is as if Cubase has formatted the MIDI data into a ‘silent mode’ in favour of allowing the newly rendered audio track as the fundamental ‘sound’ track.

This is great if you don’t want the two playing simultaneously and thus creating a chorus effect BUT…I want to return to that MIDI track and adjust it, yet I cannot get Cubase to play it back.

Does anybody now what I could do?

Many thanks


Make sure, the MIDI Event is not Muted (to unmute it, use Shift+U), the MIDI Track is not Muted and the output of the MIDI Track is routed to the Instrument.


Thanks, that was it! As simple as that…

Much appreciate the help.