Cannot play Multi Parts

I have Cubase 7 running on a Windows 8 machine with a top new processor. No problems there so far. I have a Roland UA-25EX audio interface and a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 as my MIDI keyboard. I cannot play a multi-part instrument properly. I’m working with Omnisphere at the moment but the problem is with any multi part instrument. In Omnisphere I activate all outputs giving me 8. I set each of channels 1-8 to the 8 outputs. I then create 7 additional MIDI tracks giving me 8. I set those to channels 1-8 and I set the output routing to Omnisphere MIDI in. In short, I do exactly what Spectrasonics says I should do. Omnisphere has 8 parts and I can see the patch names change ask I click between parts 1-8. However, I can only ever here Part 1 on channel 1. Nothing I do allows me to switch. I should be able to click on parts 2-8 and have things witch over automatically and I have set everything up as far as I can tell. I even try setting the global channel on my Keystation Pro even though I shouldn’t have to do this. Nothing. All I ever here is the first part and I can never get the other 7 to work. This is true with Omnisphere and with any other multi part VST instrument. The attached document has a couple of screen shots. Any ideas would be helpful as I am at my wits end. I should mention here I am legally blind and Cubase has tons of small little icons which lead to settings dialogues. So I may well have missed something simple, or perhaps the problem is with my Keystation Pro but I am trying to cover all bases. Thanks.
Screen Shots.pdf (245 KB)

Those channels on the MIDI track are MIDI OUT, not midi in. You need to put the input filter plugin on each channel and set them to only pass the individual channel.

Thanks for your answer. What is the MIDI input filter plugin and where do I find it in Cubase?


Go to help-Documentation->Plug-in reference->MIDI Effects->transformer

On your MIDI tracks there are MIDI plugin slots just like inserts … just these are MIDI inserts.